Senior Data Scientist - Digital Health, Mental Health & AI

Senior Data Scientist - Digital Health, Mental Health & AILondon or BerlinReference: 2136
  • Early hire into a newly centralised team
  • Rare chance to work not only across multiple pipeline companies and therapies, but also with R&D in developing new Digital Health products
  • A very suitable role for someone currently working or with former experience in a Consultancy environment


Revolutionising the way Mental Health is treated, and how those results are recorded – that’s the mission of this company, and they’re set to do it with a business model like no other.


They’re a powerhouse in the investment, incubation and development of early stage companies pioneering highly efficacious therapies addressing a host of Mental illnesses.


In addition to acting as a parent entity - providing the support, technical expertise and funding required to move these pipelines through Clinical stages - they’re also setting themselves up as a world leader in both Digital Health treatment, and new modalities of decentralised Clinical trials and Evidence Generation. They believe this to be crucial to the future of assessing mental health therapy.


The pipeline of companies they own are lean, agile, and largely at early stage, relying on Consultancy support to date. Now, they’re looking to create a brand new team, bring the Data Science functions in-house and set up a huge, centralised, umbrella data bank not only to act as a library for existing pipelines, but also as a resource to explore R&D opportunities in patient monitoring and Digital Therapeutics.


The bottom line: they’re working to open a door to a new category of Mental Health drug therapy, whilst also developing the Digital Clinical Evaluation tools of tomorrow.


Who are they looking for?


  • Strong statistics background ideally with a MSc, PhD or equivalent
  • Significant experience working in industry Life Sciences
  • Ideally: exposure to Digital Therapeutics, Digital Monitoring systems or Health Technology
  • Experience working with a variety of data tools, including SQL, Python and / or R
  • Proven experience working in large, complex and unorganised data sets
  • Experience in working with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)


What’s the job?


Senior Data Scientist

  • This will be one of the first hires here, setting the direction for the Data Science team and providing modelling and analysis for both existing pipelines and R&D.

Data Collection strategy

  • A large part of the role would be in identifying the information needed, and making analyses of the data they already have. If any information is lacking for their business aims, the role would be outlining strategy for collection across both traditional medical instrumentation, or instrumented Digital Products.

Huge Data Sets

  • The Health data sets you’d be working with would be huge with multi-million data points. On top of their own data collection efforts, this business is able to look at acquisitions of existing data sets from companies in the consumer health space, following a buy or build mentality.

Working on Personalised therapy models

  • The role will work to develop machine learning models with the aim of personalising treatment profiles and predicting patient response.

Input to team structure

  • Whilst not having direct line management, this person will be instrumental in outlining the strategy and hiring plans of the Data Science team as they follow a rapid expansion plan into 2022.


What do they offer?


  • Competitive salary with Bonus scheme, exceptional private healthcare, pension contributions and a significant equity stake
  • A chance to be one of the ‘first through the door’, outlining strategy and applying tools and techniques to largely unworked data sets
  • An opportunity to be at the forefront of new R&D projects, as well as at the forefront of therapeutics in Mental Health therapies


For more information, please get in touch with Jason Cox at Zest Medical.


Privacy notice:

Owing to the nature of the roles, most identifying information on the company can’t be shared until a CV is with us for the positons. No CV or any information shared with us will ever be sent to any client without your express consent, given after speaking with a consultant about the opportunity over the phone.

Contact: Jason Cox
Telephone: 0114 229 1672