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If you’re a manufacturer, distributor or provider of laboratory equipment, analytical instrumentation, reagents or outsourced laboratory services and are looking to improve the way in which you access the best talent in your sector then you are certainly in the right place. 

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I’ll spare you the full history, in brief Zest Scientific recruits across three verticals: Scientific Sales, R&D and Clinical Research.  Although each area neatly fits under the ‘Scientific Umbrella’ the sectors are very different and you will benefit from forging a relationship with one of our Senior Recruiters who solely recruits for commercial, customer facing roles (Entry Level to Board) within Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Clinical Research, Chemicals and Clinical Diagnostics.

Blunt as it may sound, we really do know this market, successfully servicing a client base throughout Europe and North America. Don’t just take our (completely unbiased and objective) word for it; I strongly advise you to visit our LinkedIn page and see the testimonials from both candidates and clients who work within the commercial side of the industry.

If there was ever a platform in which to make bold assertions as to why you should partner with Zest Scientific, this surely has to be it. Although, our success hasn’t been based on who can shout the loudest; we focus on what really matters. Call it a mission statement; call it a core set of values, once you strip away all of the ancillary elements we aim to deliver a highly effective recruitment service based on being informed, operating with integrity, providing transparency and applying a creative mindset when approaching any project.

Listed below are some of our most recent assignments which have reached a successful conclusion:

  • European Sales Director (Germany) Neurodegenerative Drug Discovery
  • Technical Sales Specialist (UK) – Laboratory Consumables
  • Regional Sales Specialist (France) – Electrophysiology
  • Sales Director (UK) – Molecular Diagnostics
  • Applications Scientist (UK) – NexGen Seq
  • Product Manager (UK) – Data Capture Software
  • Scientific Sales Specialist (UK) – HTS Drug Discovery
  • Business Development Director (Nordics) – CRO Services
  • Technical Sales Specialist (UK) – Clinical Diagnostics
  • Market Analyst (UK) – Cognitive Assessment
  • Channel Manager (BENELUX) - Microscopy

The Scientific Sales recruitment team provides three core services (please click here for a more detailed overview):

We welcome the opportunity to establish new partnerships and if you are looking for a new provider who will endeavour to operate as a seamless extension to your internal recruitment / HR function please do not hesitate to register your interest here.